Best Budz

Best Budz

Send a token of your love to the toker in your life with our Best Budz box, part of the brand new crop of Resting Gift Face offerings – it’s sure to be a hit! Featuring an upscale and fun cannabis theme, perfect for the Snoop to your Martha. A jadeite and gold chain adorned decorate tray is accompanied by a scented candle, featuring notes of aloe, green leaves, cactus flower, patchouli, and good vibes.

The Best Budz box includes:

  • Puff Puff Pass Candle (12 oz.): 100% soy wax, double wicked-candle hand-poured in Philly. Smells like cactus flower, green leaves, patchouli and good vibes
    scent . Estimated 60+ hour burn time
  • Jadeite Ashtray: hand-made resin ashtray adorned with gold chains
  • Matches & cork topped glass vial: extra-long matches and gold accent
  • 4x6 Notecard: A Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg card with room for your hand-written note. An iconic duo, just like you and your best bud
  • Custom-Branded Gift Box: a totally dope design complete with  Best Budz artwork


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