Momz Medz

Momz Medz

The Momz Medz box allows gift givers to prescribe Mom with some much-needed chill. The chardonnay-scented candle is most effective following a stressful encounter with any child exhibiting annoying, aggravating, obnoxious, loud, yet lovable behavior and is best accompanied with deep breaths and bubble baths – wine optional. Possible known side effects include immediate onset of relief followed by momentary calm.


The Best Budz box includes:

  • Momz Medz candle (12 oz.): 100% soy wax, double wicked-candle hand-poured in Philly. Smells like bubble baths, well-behaved children, and chardonnay. Estimated 60+ hour burn time
  • Chill Pill Decorative Tray: hand-made resin tray
  • Matches & cork topped glass vial: extra-long matches and gold accent
  • 4 x 6 Card: a “prescription” from you and Dr Gift Face
  • Custom-Branded Gift Box: aimed to please even the most-discerning mother


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