Saved by the Box

Saved by the Box


Looking to make your next Zoom happy hour hella cool? Hosting an (intimate and socially distant) bodacious bachelor party? Go no further than the party-in-a-box by Resting Gift Face. Serving up ’90’s nostalgia, Saved by the Box is reminder of simpler times and features:

  • Are you afraid of the dark rum? And other cocktails for ’90s kids: a tongue in cheek cocktail book for the former '90s kid and those just discovering how cool old-school Nickelodeon and Delia's once were
  • 10 x party straws: paper — because save the turtles
  • 5 x color changing “whatever” cups: because the teen angst is real in the pandemic
  • Disposable camera: teach a millennial about the original selfie — complete with Lisa Frank accents
  • Cherry Jello-O: for the Zack themed jello shot (see page 85)
  • 5 x Slap Bracelets: as a 90’s kid that was just learning about trends, these were addicting! 
  • PARTY Banner: step up next week’s zoom happy hour background
  • BONUS: friendship bracelets




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